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Snow Removal
| Late Fall - Available after November 1st - April 31st  | Priced individually or bundled.

Lawns of Distinction offers snow clearing packages for residential and commercial properties in KW region. Although there is nothing as beautiful as a fresh snow, removing snow yourself can be timely, exhausting, and frustrating. Let us ensure your driveway, walkways and sidewalks are cleared and safe all winter long.


Basic Snow Removal Packages  | See below to learn more about adding de-icing services! |

Let us do the heavy work to remove snow (> 1cm) when it falls between November 1st and April 31st. We will maintain your driveway, walkway, and side walks to keep your property in a cleared, safe condition.

Not only will we remove snow on the first day of heavy snow fall, we will come back the day after to do a clean up! How many competitors offer that? Upon our return we will clean up residual snow fall and clean up sidewalk edges.


For residential properties, we take the extra time, and care, to use individual snow blowers and throwers to clear your snow. Competitors will quickly back-hoe driveways with a snow plow. Not only is this less aesthetically appealing, this leaves more room for damage and distruction due to the large size and minimal maneuverability.









Paying per service is not near as cost effective as purchasing a package but it can be useful for those who might be away on vacation for a week-or-two, or someone who is busy on the day that a big snow fall that has hit suddenly. 


De-Icing Services

We all know that Ontario can get some vicious ice storms. By using our de-icing services we can add these services to your snow removal package, or pay-per-application, for your driveway and sidewalks. This will ensure that you, your family, and your community are protected from the potential safety hazzards ice can cause.



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