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Spring to Summer

Here is a list of what we can help you with, more details Below!

Maintenance & Functional
Lawn Cutting Packages |
Yard Clean Ups | 
Tree Cutting | 

Aeration | 
Detatching |

Fertilization &/or Weed Control | 

Top Soil Replacement |
Sod Installation |
Eaves Trough Cleanup |

Purely Aesthetic
Planting & Gardening |

Mulching |
Power Edging |
Weed Control |


Yard Clean Up
| Early Spring - Available after April 1st - Weather  Permitting | Priced individually or bundled.

We all know that our properties need a little TLC after our harsh Canadian winters. Lawns of Distinction can help you refresh your property this spring!


Basic Spring Clean Up 

Revamp your yard and prepare your property for its peak-appearance to be enjoyed during the coming warm summer months. Sure, there are short term gains to a good clean up, but frequent cleanups aid in the long term health and upkeep of your property. Ask us why!

  • Tree cutting

  • Litter and debris collection

  • Trimming (hedges, shrubs, bushes)

  • Planting (flowers, bushes, trees, shrubs)

Kitchener Waterloo Property Maintenance Before
Before Lawns of Distinction
Kitchener Waterloo Property Maintenance, Lawn Maintenance After
After Lawns of Distinction !

Aesthetic Services
| Early Spring - Available after April 1st - Weather  Permitting | Priced individually or bundled.

Planting & Gardening

Do you have a master plan of what you want your garden to look like, but have no time for execution? Whether you have a bit of a green thumb yourself, or you just need a little bit of our expert guidance,  Lawns of Distinction can help design and build out the aesthetics you desire. 

  • Trees

  • Shrubs and Bushes

  • Plants and Flowers

  • Landscape design

Bed Mulching:

While Mulching is not mandatory; the benefits make it worth the effort. Not only does it add an aesthetic appeal, but here are some additional benefits:

  • Inhibits weed growth. (Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also steal resources from desirable garden plants!)

  • Holds in soil moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly and saving you money on watering.

  • Moderates soil-temperature fluctuations (This benefit is especially valuable during that turbulent-weather period in spring when you don't want your plants to be stressed.)

  • In cold-winter areas, protects plant roots from winter cold and helps prevent frost-heaving, in which plants are literally pushed out of the ground by the natural expansion and contraction of the soil as it cools off and heats up

  • In hot-summer areas, helps keep plant roots cooler


John is an expert on mulch. As him to help you idenifiy a mulch texture, colour, and composition that will suit your needs. 


 | Shredded Pine | Cedar | Hemlock |Composted Pine | Pine Plus  |  Fine Pine |Hardwood


Kitchener Waterloo Bed Mulch, Kitchener Waterloo Gardening
Before Lawns of Distinction
Kitchener Waterloo Bed Mulch, Kitchener Waterloo Gardening
After Lawns of Distinction !

Power Edging:

Power edging your lawn cuts away turf that has grown over top of the walk/driveway, leaving a nice crisp and professional looking edge. Once the edging is done all debris should be removed blowing out the area with a power blower. Doing this by hand can take a very long time, is very exhausting and often does not produce the quality results that a power edger does. If you really want to give your property that immaculate manicured look, this is one way to do it.

Kitchener Waterloo Lawn Care, Kitchener Waterloo Power Edging
Kitchener Waterloo Lawn Care, Kitchener Waterloo Power Edging

Sod Installation:

Sod can be installed for various reasons. New home? Wnat a lawn that provides uniform and even coverage? Want a full lawn that instantly looks beautiful and mature? Want a lawn that costs less to water, and is easier to maintain than seeded lawns? Want minimal weed control? These are only a few reasons to install sod on your property.


Kitchener Waterloo Sod Installation, Kitchener Waterloo Sod

Additional Maintenance & Functional Services 

| Early Spring - Available after April 1st - Weather  Permitting | Priced individually or bundled.

Many variables dictate the health and well being of your lawn. Below you will find detailed descriptions of some of the processes that encourage significant changes in the growth of your grass and plants. Information is power, we are experts and can help educate you on what services would best suit the needs of you and your property.

 Dethatching: | with optional seeding and topdressing after to promote new growth |

Thatch is a build-up of organic matter which can include dead grass, leaves, stems, and overcrowded grass roots and lateral weed growth. Thatch can stifle the growth and health of grass or turf.

Removing the thatch helps the grass by encouraging it to thicken up and also makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease. Reducing thatch levels increases the levels of water, air and nutrients that can get through to the root zone of the grass plants.

Kitchener Waterloo Detatching, Kitchener Waterloo Spring Detatching, Kitchener Waterloo Fall Dethatching


Beyond basic maintenance of your lawn, it is important to ensure that nutrients can reach the soil beneath your grass. Aeration can be an extremely vital element to a healthy lawn as it allows air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils restricts circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil. 

Why Aerate my lawn?

  • Does your lawn get heavy use? Children and pets can compact your lawn and prevent water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots.

  • Newly constructed home? Often, there is little or even no topsoil left on your new yard after your home is built. Yards left with simple subsoil during or after construction become compacted by foot or machienery traffic.

  • Problems with dry grass or a yard that is spongy?. This might mean your lawn has an excessive thatch problem. Aeration is recomended where the thatch layer is greater than 3/4 of an inch.

  • Was sod used to create your lawn? You may have different soil layers on top of one another. Clearly the soil used to grow the sod could be  of a different texture or density that you have on your property. A course layer of soil prevents proper drainage and improper root development. Aerating breaks up the layering, allowing water to flow through the soil more easily and reach the roots.

Kitchener Waterloo Aeration, Kitchener Waterloo Spring Aeration, Kitchener Waterloo Fall Aeration


Healthy lawns depend on many natural elements including adequate water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Lawn growth (along with proper aeration and dethatching) also depends on nutrients found in healthy soils. The purpose of fertilizing a lawn is to add the necessary nutrients in the required amounts and at the proper time to achieve and maintain healthy soil quality.

As many as eighteen elements are required by plants for proper growth. Fortunately, most of the elements are supplied to grass plants by natural soil processes. Three elements - nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium - are considered primary nutrients that are required in larger quantity than many soils have.


Kitchener Waterloo Fertilizer, Kitchener Waterloo Spring Fertilizer, Kitchener Waterloo Fall Fertilizer, Kitchener Waterloo Seeder
Kitchener Waterloo Fertilizer, Kitchener Waterloo Spring Fertilizer, Kitchener Waterloo Fall Fertilizer, Kitchener Waterloo Seeder

Overseeding & TOP DRESSING:

The concept of over seeding lawns as part of a regular maintenance has been around for years, but it is still new to many homeowners. Overseeding  will encourage the proper long term growth of your grass and is one of the most beneficial and cost effective ways to improve the health and look of your lawn. 



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Kitchener Waterloo Overseeding, Kitchener Waterloo Top Dressing
Kitchener Waterloo Overseeding, Kitchener Waterloo Top Dressing
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