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Commercial & Industrial


Lets face it, whether your business is small or large, your business is your focus. Let us maintain the curb appeal of your company property throughout the year so you and your employees can consentrate on what they are good, and we can prove to you what we are good at!

Here is a list of what we can help you with:

Maintenance & Functional
Lawn Cutting Packages |
Yard Clean Ups | 
Tree Cutting | 

Aeration | 
Detatching |

Fertilization &/or Weed Control | 

Top Soil Replacement |
Sod Installation |
Eaves Trough Cleanup |

Maintenance & Functional
Yard Clean Ups | 
Garden Tare Down |

Aeration | 
Fall Fertilization  | 
Eaves Trough Cleanup |

Purely Aesthetic
Planting & Gardening |

Mulching |
Power Edging |
Weed Control |
Parking Lot Debris Cleanup |


Snow Removal - driveway and walkway |
De-Icing |




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Based in Kitchener | Waterloo | Ontario, Canada.

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